Bmw e90 noise

The stabilizer link connects the vehicle stabilizer bar to the front strut or rear lower control arm. The connecting links wear out over time. When they begin to fail, you may have a knocking noise in the front end when driving over bumps or when steering the vehicle.

To inspect stabilizer links, jack front of vehicle and wiggle wheel back and forth, while wiggling the wheel, listen for a noise from link. If no noise is heard, place your hand around the ends of the link and monitor for looseness as you wiggle the wheel. Raise and support front of vehicle on jack stands. See our tech article on jacking up your vehicle. Working at front strut, remove stabilizer link nut by counter holding link with a 17mm wrench and loosening 16mm nut.

The stabilizer link has a flat spot for holding while tightening.

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Large Image Extra-Large Image. Working at front stabilizer bar, remove stabilizer link nut by counter holding link with a 17mm wrench and loosening 16mm nut. Next, remove stabilizer link from vehicle. Reverse removal instructions for installation. Install new stabilizer link with new self-locking nuts.

Working at rear sway bar, remove stabilizer link nut by counter holding link with a pair of vise grips and loosening 16mm nut. The stabilizer link has a flat spot for holding while tightening but requires a thin wrench. If you do not have a thin 17mm wrench, use vise grips with a curved jaw as shown in photo. Next you have to remove the lower fastener. It is a 13mm bolt green arrow and is tough to get to.

I like to use a 13mm swivel socket on a long extension to access it. Working at rear lower control arm, remove 13mm fastener using a swivel socket and a long extension. Install new stabilizer link with new self-locking nut and bolt. Got more questions? Or, see what other questions readers have asked about this article Applies to: iXiixiii All Search Everything. Time: 1. Need to buy parts for this project? Click here to order! Front stabilizer links: Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3.

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BMW e90 whining noise only when accelerating and moving. Thread starter V. Hi guys I have a 08 BMW i e90 and when I sit inside the car and accelerate and moving at increased speeds, I hear this whining noise. I don't hear it if it's at parked and I'm revving the engine and pressing accelerator. Do you guys know what could be the cause? Wheel bearing? Hi guys, sorry no intro. I'm new here! Ok I'll get wheel bearing and pulleys checked. Any idea how much it cost and any shops to recommend?

I read that it could be the differential. Is that possible for the cause? If the whinning sound goes away after a while or when u ease off the accelerator.

Chances are your pulleys are worn. Doubt your wheel bearings may be the cause. Those are parts prices You must log in or register to reply here. Latest posts D. Latest: definitelydan Yesterday at PM. Members online Aminocoke blackbmw GaryngHello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. New Reply.

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BMW 3 Series (E90)

Hi all, I seem to be having some troubles lately. I have a i e My problems all started when I noticed that on some occasions I should have idle issues. I checked the DISA valve on my intake and saw that there was not flap in place. I assumed that the previous owner removed the flap if the unit was faulty. Anyway, I purchased a second hand unit and the car seemed to run fine for a day or so. Then, I noticed that the car started to misfire and there was a knocking noise coming from the engine.

The knocks increased with revs. Upon further inspection, I noticed that it was coming from the valvetronic motor. The first thing I looked for was air leaks but could not find any. So I pulled the intake manifold off to have a better look and found the broken flap from the first disa valve.

I could not find the pin however. I have changed the gaskets on the intake and the throttle body. Another issue though What should I look at next. Please note that I have changed the breather hoses to the oil separator. Your input is much appreciated. Email PM Find. Like Reply Quote. Sounds like your engine may have eaten some bits it's not suppose to! The E90post board has a large thread about the concerns of failing DISA units where the pin is ingested or the plastic flaps themselves break and become jammed in intake valves.

It is going to be a process of elimination, but I would have a compression test performed to ensure that nothing obvious was damaged internally. I would also have codes read. Thank you for that. The code that was coming up was Variable intake system, servomotor activation 2AA8.

I can only assume that this was due to the old flap causing a block. Ill do a compression test and see what the outcome is.

Thanks again. Keep us posted! I am sure they can also test the Valvetronic motor to see if there are any noises coming from it, it's usually the sensor that fails, not the motor.Hello There, Guest!

Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. New Reply. Thread Rating: 4 Vote s - 1. Thread Modes. BMWCoupe Still a noob I have heard that there is a ticking sound in the engine, mostly when the car is cold, but still present when the car is warm. Thanks again in advance. Email PM Find.

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Like Reply Quote. No, i checked the oil yesterday and its full according to the onboard computer?!?! Caddy Officially a forum statistic. Hydraulic lifter? Has the car been parked for long periods? About 3 or 4 days or so Bevan Methinks I like this place. If the car is parked for long periods, a lengthy drive is normally required until the engine has warmed up properly to make the ticking sound go away.

Rayzor Nati-Choti. I would start with an engine flush, then new oil and a nice long drive these motors build sludge fast. Its common on the E90and Its one of those engine quirks. An oil change generally sorts it out. It does happen more often in winter, cold start ups.

It sound should go away after a few seconds and when the car is up to tempreture. As many said above, HVA or hydraulic lifter issue which was a very common problem with these early N52 engines!

BMW did eventually redesign the head and for some of those affected under motorplan they got this new head fitted, alternatively, the existing head was rebuilt to replace the hydraulic lifters. For more information, search on the E90Post forum about this, there is a huge thread there!!

My i does not thankfully suffer from this, but I do also make a point to avoid short trips which is fairly well known to be an enemy for these engines engines in generaland of course it is important to give the engine a good run as often as possible! Plus, I am completely against the normal BMW engine oil service intervals - IMHO, it is designed to make the engine only just about last past motorplan period before the sludge build-up causes all sorts of havoc!

There is a temporary "bleed" process which involves running the engine up to rpm for a minute or so once the engine is warm of course, and maybe repeating once or twice.

This is suppose to get oil to the upper part of the engine, but honestly, I don't think this is going to sort anything out.Hello There, Guest!

Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. New Reply. Thread Rating: 1 Vote s - 5 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Thread Modes. I've had my i for about 2 months now and I'm starting to notice front suspension noise when going over speed bumps slowly and when the car is loaded.

This is most noticeable in the dry. It sounds squishy and knocks a bit. Under normal driving on 'B' roads there is no problem, but when the suspension is close to full travel, like going over a speed bump, I can hear it. My guess is the rubber bushes. When it rains there is no noise as I'm guessing the rubbers are lubricated by the rain. She's currently on 89K and under MP.

Would bushes and rubbers be covered under MP or not?

bmw e90 noise

Email PM Website Find. Like Reply Quote. I will this weekend. When I got the car there was no noise, or maybe I wasn't that much in tune with her.

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Is this normal for a car of this age and mileage? Avg about 20k a year. Nething under that isn't bad M50BL6. PM Find. Email PM Find. I didn't think that shocks could be noisy. I suppose a check-up at Auto Atlantic will do no harm. Will let you guys know of the outcome. Falcon Noob. Yep let them rather figure it out and now while its under MP.

Beamer Still a noob A big shot in the dark but perhaps the control arm? I replaced control arms n all bushes. Didn solve the problem.

BMW e90 whining noise only when accelerating and moving.

It was dry on the drive home this afternoon. The sound I'm hearing is most definitely squeaky rubber, dry rubber. Looking forward to the dealer's diagnosis tomorrow morn.

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AshG Bounce Member. I had a similar problem with my e Turned out the top shock mounting on both sides were completely worn.Hello There, Guest! Login Register.

bmw e90 noise

Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. New Reply. Thread Rating: 4 Vote s - 3. Thread Modes. The sound doesnt change when the gearbox shift gears, its like the tone of the sound change with the turning of the wheels, it also doesnt change when I shift it into neutral. When I decellerate, its even harder, but gets down in tone the slower you go. For a fracture of a second when I take my foot of the accelerator, the noise is quite. Can anybody please help, as this is driving me crazy, and no mechanic in our small town seem to know whats wrong.

My car has got km on. Email PM Find. Like Reply Quote. My car has got km on Strange! Maybe the belt tensioner?? OppositeLockMT I have a big p Would be possible for you to take a video so that it makes it easier to troubleshoot the noise?

Hi, thanks for the reply, you won't hear it on n video, its too soft, sometimes louder than other times. I was wondering about the centre bearing. Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk Hi, thanks for the reply. No, I know the sound of the belt tensioner, also a annoying noise, but its not that. Thanks Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk. Thanks Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk Same problem here - have a noise that bugs me but cannot be heard on any vids taken.

bmw e90 noise

Not the pulley, but the tensioner mechanism itself as if deals with vibrations - I think that this might be small chance what is happening with my car since I have tried just about everything else already.The E92 i was the first 3 Series model produced with a turbocharged petrol engine.

Cars with run-flats are not equipped with a spare tyre. Introduced in[2] it uses the BMW S65 naturally aspirated V8 engine and was produced in sedan, coupe and convertible body styles. The design for the fifth generation 3 Series was frozen in mid, approximately 30 months before the start of production. The range was introduced in March for MY with the sedan and wagon body styles. Production of the E90 concluded after the model year, succeeded by the F30 for Trim levels typically were similar to the E90 sedan, however the M3 wasn't produced in the wagon body style.

Several markets outside Europe only offered a small subset of models in the wagon body style. In the United States and Canada, the only wagon model available prior to was the xi, [13] and then the i and xi from onwards. These include the tail-light design L-shaped on the coupemore steeply angled headlights and smaller side windows. For later generations, these body styles are marketed as the 4 Series. The E93 convertible was BMW's first model to use a retractable hardtop folding metal roofinstead of the cloth roof as previously used.

The E93 was one of first retractable hardtops in its price range. The E93's side windows are 30 percent larger than its E46 convertible predecessor, resulting in a 38 percent increase in visibility. Official specifications are as follows: [22]. At the front, MacPherson struts with an aluminum hub carrier and aluminum dual lower links forming a virtual pivot point are used. This design was previously used on all 5, 7 and 8 series BMW models.

The rear suspension is a 5-link Multi-link suspensionwith fabricated steel subframe, fabricated steel control arms, and cast iron carrier. Optional features some of which are standard on higher models include Xenon headlamps, automatic climate control, parking sensorspower-adjustable seats, satellite navigation, glass sunroof, heated front seats, Bluetooth and USB audio input.

BMW E90 Stabilizer Link Replacement

Optional equipment could be ordered individually or combined into packages. Optional interior colours, known as BMW Individual, were also available at extra cost. The contents of the 'Premium Package' varies according to model year and market. The B3 was powered by turbocharged 6-cylinder petrol engine and the D3 was powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine.

Its position in the model lineup was between the regular i and the M3, and approximately 4, units were produced. The is uses a higher performance version of the N54 engine, which increases boost from 8. Transmission options were a 7-speed double clutch transmission DCT with launch control or a 6-speed manual transmission.

The manual transmission has an upgraded clutch compared to the regular i. Other changes compared to the i include stiffer engine mounts, a higher-flow exhaust system, an upgraded cooling system, a different steering wheel, sport seats and "is" badging on dash and in the instrument cluster. In Septemberthe facelift LCI versions of the sedan and wagon were released for the model year.

Styling changes included front and rear bumpers, wing mirrors, headlights, taillights, boot lid, wider kidney grilles and revised crease lines for the bonnet.

The new xDrive models received xDrive badges on the bumper and both the right and left sides right below the side marker lamps. For the interior, crash-activated head restraints were added to the front seats, the optional "Professional" navigation system was updated, iDrive was updated and the resolution of the display was increased. For the model year, [49] the Sport, Lifestyle and Exclusive Edition were introduced for sedan and wagon models.

The d wagon model was added, as was the d EfficientDynamics Edition sedan. Mechanical changes included compliance with the EU5 emission standard, EU6 emission compliance optional for the d and d models, power increases for the d, d, d and d models, the N54 engine in the i being replaced by N55 engine, and additional features for BMW ConnectedDrive. The Euro NCAP noted the poor pedestrian protection awarding 4 points out of 36, reporting the 3 Series was "very disappointing" in this measure.

The 3 Series received "Good" marks in all six of the frontal crash test categories, [52] and "Good" marks in six of the nine categories in the side impact test.

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